How Our Leave Solution Works

Configure Your Custom Leave Policies

Empower Employees to Apply for Leave

Enable Supervisors to Approve Applications and View Leave Balances

Employees love how easy it is to submit leave applications

Submit Leave Applications through Mobile or Web Apps

Submitting leave is as simple as a single click through our mobile apps, or through the employee web portal

View Real-Time Leave Balances

Employees have full transparency into how much leave they have accrued or taken, and what their corresponding leave balances are.

View Company Holidays

Employees are fully aware when the company is off. They are also able to apply for flex-holidays on special religious or regional holidays.

Clients and Supervisors love how easy it is to approve and view employee leave applications

Approve Leave Applications On The Go

Supervisors get real-time notifications when employees apply for leave, and can approve these requests on the go, right from their mobile apps or web portals.

Add Leave on behalf of your employees

Add leave applications directly on behalf of your reporting employees, if they are unable to. This is particularly useful for blue-collar employees!

Particularly useful for blue-collar employees!

Detailed Leave Balance and Transaction History

Get real-time insight into your employees’ leave balances and application records from your web or mobile app.