Payroll Outsourcing Services

Our Payroll Outsourcing Services enables companies to streamline their Payroll processes in a cost-effective efficient manner, ensuring that their employees are always paid accurately and on-time

Payroll Calculation and Processing

Our Payroll team processes the inputs from our clients through our proprietary payroll software, to generate salary sheets that are approved by our clients

Payslip and Bank Statement Generation

Through our proprietary technology platform, we generate and publish payslips and tax computations for employees to view on their self-service portals. We also generate bank statements and uploadable bank file formats to pay your employees

Investment Declaration and Verification Support

Through their self-service portals, employees can submit investment declarations and the associated proofs. Our backend team verifies and confirms the final amounts eligible for tax exemptions

TDS, PF, ESIC, PT and LWF Management

Once the payroll has been processed, our team takes care of all the last mile payroll and tax management, including filing of PF, ESIC, PT and LWF returns. We also take care of quarterly TDS filings, coupled with issuance of Form 16s for all employees