Personnel Search Services (“PSS”)

Personnel Search Services is India's oldest Executive Search firm with roots dating back to 1981. Over the past 4 decades, PSS has played a key role in shaping the path for many of India's largest companies, by building their key senior and mid management teams.


Quikchex is a leading HR, Payroll and Compliance Technology and Services company. Quikchex works with hundreds of companies across India, to streamline and automate their backend HR operations, leveraging modern cloud technology.

Ray and Berndtson

Ray & Berndtson is among the top Retained Executive Search Firms in the world with a presence in 55 offices across 35 countries across the globe. Founded in 1965, Ray and Berndtson has been among the top international executive search firms, providing an extensive range of high level recruitment services to organizations that strive to lead in their respective markets.

Personnel Search Services Singapore

Lobo Business Services (USA) is a fast growing Executive Search firm focussed on catering to the senior and mid management positions for leading companies in South East Asia, China and Japan. PSS Singapore leverages the our 40 years of experience in the space, to help companies in these markets grow and build their organizations, by acquiring the best available talent.

PSS Americas

PSS Americas is our US based subsidiary focused on providing North American businesses with strategic Executive Search services. Headquartered in New York, PSS Americas works with clients in the life-sciences, IT, engineering and financial services spaces across the United States and Canada.