How Our Expense Management Software Works

Expense Management Software
Configure Your Custom Expense Policies
Expense Management Software
Enable Employees to Submit Expense Reports
Expense Management Software
Empower Supervisors to Approve and View Expense Reports

Employees love how easy it is to submit expense reports

Expense Management Software
Easy submission through web and mobile apps

Submit expenses in a single click, anytime and anywhere.

Seamless submission of receipts

Attach digital copies of your receipts along with your expense reports, without having to deal with the hassle of physical paper receipts

Transparency into status of reports

Know exactly when your expense reports are approved, or understand why your expense report might have been rejected.

Clients and Supervisors love the real-time visiblity into Employee Expense Records and Analytics

Approve Expense Reports On The Go

Supervisors get real-time notifications when employees submit expense reports and can approve these requests on the go, right from their mobile apps or web portals.

Add Claims on behalf of your employees

Add reimbursement applications directly on behalf of your reporting employees, if they are unable to.

Detailed Expense Report Transaction History

Analyze the expense claims of your employees and plan your budget accordingly.