RPO - Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Our RPO - Recruitment Process Outsourcing Solutions allow companies to meet the demands of a stable, growing workforce, by outsourcing either a component or the entire lifecycle of the recruitment process. Our team of trained, specialized recruiters work with clients to identify, screen and source the right candidates, governed by strict KPI driven SLAs

Lower Your Cost Per Hire

Our RPO Solution enables you to decrease your overall cost-per-hire, by leveraging our technology platform, the expertise of our trained recruiters and the efficiency of a KPI driven process

Scale Up or Down

Retain the flexibility to increase your hiring needs during strong economic cycles or seasonal spikes in hiring. Our bespoke solutions are tailored, based on our clients’ hiring volumes

Improve Recruitment Metrics

We adhere to strict recruitment metrics, including

  • Time to Hire
  • Job Fill Rate
  • Offer to Acceptance Rate
  • Source of Hire

These metrics drive our performance driven culture to find the best candidates for our clients in the shortest period of time

Leverage Our Expertise

All our recruiters go through rigorous process and domain training, and have the relevant experience and passion that exceed the standards of even our most demanding clients. Our recruiters are managed by Delivery Leaders, who ensure that our clients’ recruiting needs are being addressed effectively.