General Temporary Contract Staffing

Our general temporary contract staffing solutions enable companies to build flexible, cost-effective workforces that they can scale up or scale down depending on macro and business requirements. We leverage our modern technology platform, as well as our Pan India team of recruiters, and client account managers to provide clients a seamless one-stop solution for all their staffing needs

temporary contract staffing

Technology Driven Temporary Staffing Solutions

Through our in-house technology platform, we are able automate and streamline a large chunk of our HR operational processes. This includes everything from onboarding to attendance and leave tracking to exit management. Not only does this create a much better employee experience, but also provides our clients with a high degree of real-time transparency into their workforce

Pan India Recruitment and Operational Infrastructure

We operate across all 4 regions of the country, with 15 offices spread across Pan India. Through our partners and affiliates, we are able to penetrate every state in the country. As a result, we are able to serve our clients wherever they may require a workforce

temporary contract staffing
temporary contract staffing

Personalized, Flexible and Highly Responsive Support

Every Client has a dedicated Account Manager, who is reachable at all times. This ensures fast turn-around times on all client and employee queries. We also tailour our solutions for our clients, to ensure that their needs are being effectively met

SLA Driven, Highly Compliant Processes

As a partner to some of the country’s leading corporate houses and MNCs, we understand the importance of adhering to processes and government mandated compliance standards. As an ISO 9001 certified organization, LSS ensures that all our operations adhere to strict SLAs, while ensuring a 100% compliance record

temporary contract staffing