How Our Attendance Solution Works

Attendance Management System
Configure Your Custom Attendance Policies
Attendance Management System
Capture Employee Attendance
Attendance Management System
Automatically Compute LOP and Leave Deductions

Employees love how easy it is to mark attendance

Attendance Management System
GPS Tracking

Track your employees’ attendance for those based at the office or for those based in the field, using Google Maps.

Get a pin point location of where employees check in at the start of their shift and where they check out at the end of their shift.


Safeguard the integrity of the attendance system, through our Geo-Fencing feature that restricts employees from punching their attendance within a certain geographic radius. This is great for fixed location based employees, and is a great alternative to a biometric system.

IMEI Restrictions

Prevent attendance fraud through IMEI restrictions which validate unique device IDs for each employee when punching attendance, preventing misuse.

Clients and Supervisors love the real-time visiblity into Employee Attendance Records and Analytics

Attendance Management System
Real Visibility on Employee Attendance Records

Get real time insight into your reporting employees’ attendance logs, including hours worked, late marks, live check-in and check-out times

Easy Colour Coded Attendance Dashboard

Access our user-friendly, colour coded to understand which of your reporting employees are on leave, are absent or are present.

Automatically compute Loss of Pay and Leave Deductions

Through our attendance algorithm, we automatically compute Loss of Pay and Leave Deductions based on the employee’s attendance records and leave balances, saving supervisors significant time every month.

The Results Speak For Themselves

Reduction in
time spent collating attendance
Reduction in
time spent computing Loss of Pay and Leave Deductions
Increase in
Accuracy of Attendance Reporting